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Barkman Smooth Stack-stone Seconds

$2.49 / each

Concrete Block 8″ x 4″ x 8″
Factory Seconds — Various colours — Cap and blocks available

StackStone® Smooth updates the classic split-face look of StackStone® with a clean, modern face. Barkman’s StackStone® line is designed with the do-it-yourself landscaper in mind. A tapered profile and tongue-and-groove design ensure quick and easy installation for straight and curved walls. It is a double-sided system with minimal to no cutting required. It is durable and easy to handle, making it ideal for various applications, including free-standing patio walls, edging details, window wells, and tree rings.

*Final sale. various colours.

Minimum Charges

Pick-up: 0.5 yard / Delivery: 1 yard

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