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Basalt Flagstone/Stepping Stones

$0.25 / lb.

Basalt Split Stepping Stone is a machine split, natural stone used for pathways and patios. It is mostly blueish-grey with some brown and taupe variations. As a result of the splitting process, a more consistent blue-grey tone is achieved in comparison to a natural top stepping stone.

Due to its thickness, once layed, it provides a very sturdy natural stepping stone or flagstone. While this material is ideal for laying into sand, it also can be layed into mortar. If used in a driveway application, this material must be mortared into place with a significant sand and gravel base in order to provide for heavier vehicular loads.

  • Coverage: Approx. 60 – 70 sq. ft. per ton
  • Common Uses: Pathways, patios, driveways
  • Average pallet weight: 3,500 lbs (1,590 kg)
  • Also available in Bulk (BFB).

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